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Magic of Mantovani

Magic Disc DVD - Magic of Mantovani

DVD+CD (4 Disc Set) £40.00

Only 50 Copies Available

Contact Paul Barrett to Purchase this DVD or you can pay via Paypal using the button above.
Call 01202 706937 or 07866 315966

This is an exclusive strictly limited offer
and NOT available from any other source

Listen To Sample Audio From 'The Magic of Mantovani' concert - Press 'Play'


17 Remaining ...

Double CD The Magic of Mantovani

Special Offer! - Double DVD Plus Double Disc CD

The Original Concert Footage DVD PLUS Double CD All Together In 4 Disc Set

Due to so many requests for such, we are re-issuing our first comeback concert from 2008.

This concert features the first full Mantovani 45 piece orchestra since Monty died back in 1980.

Compered by Alexander Bastedo (The Champions TV), Ed (Stewpot) Stewart and unique stage appearance by Kenneth Mantovani.

This historic archive release will be strictly limited to 50 copies only.

"A must have addition to Mantovani lovers everywhere."

The combined DVD and CD 4 disc sets are available to Mantovani subscribers at the special price of £40.00 with free delivery.

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