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Three TV programmes from 1959 are all contained on the latest DVD from Elstree.

1) Mantovani plays record encores.

2) Mantovani answers your requests.

3) Mantovani plays music you have asked to hear.

The guest artists are:

John Hanson

Joan Regan

Joni James

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Paul Barrett on BBC4 TV

Can you spot our very own Paul Barrett?

Giving Older Generation A Voice

Paul Barrett is featured in BBC4's Close To The Edge on October 5th. I'm sure he will give his Mantovani Orchestra project a good mention.

The programme is due to be screened on 5th October at around 9.30pm and then available on the BBC iPlayer.

BBC4 iPlayer

The title ‘King Of Strings’ can only be applied to a true icon who has produced a unique and instantly recognisable sound. The beautiful Cascading Strings became the hallmark of Mantovani’s music in the early 1950’s with his million selling recording of ‘Charmaine’.

Over half a century later The Magic Of Mantovani Orchestra using, the Maestro’s original scores, continues to re-create the timeless compositions and arrangements that made Mantovani an international superstar.

Join us with our special guest singer’s Rossano and Gemma and our concert pianist Sam Hanson in a show to remember. ‘What A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening’.

Mantovani The King of Strings - Pavilion Bournemouth
King of Strings - 60 Million Records Sold

DVD Documentary, Mantovani King of Strings Released

This documentary is the story of the man and his music. Featuring exclusive, and unseen since 1959, footage from the original Mantovani TV show, this brand new documentary tells the story of Monty's arrival in England from his home city of Venice and his struggle to become one of the most successful easy listening artists ever. CLICK IMAGE TO VISIT MANTOVANI INFO PAGE

Coming to Pavilion Dance Centre Cinema

A2B Media and The 400 Company present Mantovani, King Of Strings, a documentary that all Mantovani fans are sure to enjoy.

Starring Mantovani, of course, and with interviews from Len Goodman, Ken Bruce, Ed Stewart (who comperes the live Mantovani concerts at Bournemouth Pavilion each time), Petula Clark, Paul Barrett and many more.

The movie was written by Colin Mackenzie and parts of the story will be familiar to readers of Colin's book, Mantovani, A Lifetime In Music.

The date of the showing is confirmed for 7th Sept and every evening from 5.30pm until 13th Sept 2014 (day before the Mantovani concert at the Pavilion Theatre).

There will also be a Questions & Answers session after the documentary hosted by Neil Sean with Paul Barrett (director of the Magic of Mantovani Orchestra in the UK).  The film's running time will be approximately 80 minutes.​

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Bournemouth Pavilion Sunday 14th September

More than 30 years after his death, the music of light-orchestral genius Annunzio Mantovani will once again take centre-stage as a hand-picked orchestra recreate the cascading strings of the King of Romantic music.

The concert - The World of Mantovani - is at the Bournemouth Pavilion on Sunday 14th September. It is the latest in a series of high-calibre Mantovani shows staged by producer/percussionist Paul Barrett together with co-producer/violinist Franck Leprince.

Once again it will feature the 48 piece Magic of Mantovani Orchestra conducted by light-orchestral connoisseur Gavin Sutherland and led by esteemed violinist John Bradbury.

The MMO boasts many leading orchestral players with the signature Mantovani strings balanced by superb brass and woodwind sections plus guitar, accordion and of course percussion provided, as always, by Paul Barrett himself.

This year’s concert - introduced by former BBC Radio 2 favourite Ed Stewart - takes a musical journey around the world. It will revisit Mantovani’s signature arrangements of classic melodies celebrating the joys of France, Spain, Italy, Austria, the UK, the USA and many other destinations.

The programme is packed with a selection of more than 30 favourites including all the big hits. Highlights include Mantovani’s million selling chart-busters Cara Mia, Charmaine, Some Enchanted Evening and a magnificent rendering of The Warsaw Concerto with concert pianist Sam Hanson. There will be a some surprises too including the outstanding voices of Italian tenor Rossano Sal and soprano Jemma Truss.

Bournemouth Pavilion is a particularly apt venue for the show as Mantovani retired to a leafy suburb in the seaside town in the late 1960s and lived happily in Bournemouth during the final years of his life.

For tickets go to BH Live 0844 576 3000

Further information from Paul Barrett on
01202 706937 or 07866315966

The World of Mantovani Concert, Pavilion Bournemouth 2014